6 Music fans livid at demotion of Gideon Coe and Marc Riley

By MediaMonkey

April 4, 2023

6 Music have been making changes again, and it’s fair to say fans of the station are livid. Popular presenters Gideon Coe and Marc Riley are being put together, moved to a different slot, and having their airtime hours halved.

It’s hard to see this as anything other than a demotion for two of the stations most beloved stars.

Listener reaction has been critical across the board:

Given how the BBC is struggling for survival, and 6 Music more than most of the corporation, this is a risk.

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  1. Smiffy

    This is just shite – can’t believe they have done this…

  2. Dava

    Time to Save 6 Music, Riley & Coe are 6 Music
    We saved the station once before, we can do it again by reinstating these two to their rightful place or the the station is dead…

  3. Kevin Panther

    Marc plays a good mix of new and old, what we are about to get (Dance !!) you can find on Radio1, Radio1Extra, and now on 6…wont be listening, shame on the BBC

  4. Ian Hartshorne

    Awful decision, mark Riley is galaxies ahead of any 6 music presenter. What a short sighted and wrong headed move. Completely baffling given that he’s objectively the best advocate of new music out there.


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