A quarter of music on streaming platforms didn’t get played in 2023

By MediaMonkey

January 19, 2024

Luminate have published a report on music consumption with the interesting stats on 2023 and streaming platforms. Ten songs had over a global billion streams…

…however, a quarter of the music didn’t get streamed at all. Not once.

“We had 79.5 million ISRCs that had between zero and 10 streams last year and in fact, 45.6 million ISRCs in our system did not register a single stream in 2023,” explained Kosinski “So there is, as we all know, there is a lot of music out there and a lot of it is not getting streamed a huge amount.”

An ISRC is an International Standard Recording Code and how they identify songs.

86.2% of all music has less than 1000 plays.

The music is there, but people can’t become conscious it exists.

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