Acts are quitting SXSW over it platforming war

By MediaMonkey

March 7, 2024

SXSW is a massive arts festival, covering many forms of media and technology. It’s always been bizarre then that the US army turns up with an exhibit, and this year a subsidiary of Raytheon is there, who supply arms to the IDF. Again, not sure why at an arts festival.

Anyway, news of this has become common knowledge, and a slew of acts are starting to quit the festival in protest of war and genocide.

Eliza McLamb explained :

Okay Shalom stated: “I was born to Nigerian parents in the United States, and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. I know too much about the effects of colonialism and apartheid to sit idly by. I have seen too much to be a bystander. I believe in the freedom of all oppressed people everywhere. I don’t believe in the US army, and I don’t believe they belong at a music festival (or anywhere) as a super sponsor.”

“I am not able to go along with something I know is fundamentally wrong. I am not able to abandon my morals for the sake of exposure… I am not able to process the insurmountable grief and cruelty the Palestinian people face on a daily basis. I don’t think they are able to either. Who is engineered to bear witness to daily massacres and an apartheid state inflicted famine? Who is engineered to survive that?”

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