Al Rawabi By Lola Louise

By MediaMonkey

February 28, 2024

This is one of the best and most accurate teen dramas about the struggles of growing up in the modern age. The first season aired nearly 3 years ago and to be honest, it had said “new season coming” for over a year. I didn’t think it would actually be happening then it sneakily with no announcement was added last week. The first season was actually so heartbreaking, it showed the true realities of what it’s like being a young woman in the world and how toxic certain people can be. Anyway, S2 has a completely different cast bar one returning, Miss Abeer.

This season followed the conflicting friendships of Sara, Nadeen, Tasneem, Heba and Farrah. One of the main focusses was the dreams of Sara wanting to be popular, she decides to take on the challenge and created a video essentially mocking girls from her school. It goes viral and fame begins for her. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be when the trolls come out of the works, there’s still one plot hole though. Who actually blackmailed her? It was never clarified or wrapped up. It was just left. Surely that’s kind of dangerous. Anyway, one simple photo lead to blackmail and threats of doxxing. Scary.

Not going to lie, I actually hoped that Nadeen actually would get to together with Shams. Wishful thinking considering it is an arabic drama. They would have made such a cute couple though. They had so much chemistry at first. There were little sparks here and there.

Tasneem’s story about how pushing for perfection, is a disease was important. People are still expected to live up to unrealistic standards and it’s actively wrong. Make your own decisions, live your own life.

Heba is actually the worst character of the series. She’s so insecure she feels the need to isolate others and make them feel so bad about themselves. She’s very selfish and demands all the attention. If it isn’t on her directly, she’s nothing. Her story links into the character of Farrah. Farrah, broke my heart so much. There’s nothing worse than being that person people genuinely treat badly, you’re like the punching bag for everyones issues. The constant mocking of her was so horrible. People don’t realise the damage they do to a person till it’s too late and in this case it was. Heba had the chance to stop a situation and sat there instead. By the time she makes the right choice, she finds the character of Farrah dead. I feel like this was the best consequences of actions by far. I would want to see a continuum. An Avenge.

10/10. I recommend. The dubbing is great.

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