Album of the weekend: Amigo the Devil

By MediaMonkey

April 19, 2021
At midnight Friday morning we plugged ourselves into Spotify to listen to the new album by Amigo the Devil.
We weren’t disappointed. Danny Kiranos, as Amigo is really called, has – so it seems to us – toned down the extremes and glossed a few things up, but there is only so much you can polish this blood red raw storytelling and his fire is intact.
Murder At The Bingo Hall is a highlight, but the song we really came back to was ‘Different Anymore’, a song about wanting to change, and the one we have today. But! You know we said the album had these extra layers? On the LP Different Anymore has some wonderful backing vocals, but below is a cut of just Amigo and his guitar in a cave. An actual cave, with great acoustics. Lovely stuff.

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