AmericanaFest UK: Day One Review Part 2

By MediaMonkey

January 29, 2020
Well, I think not, or at least I did.
This has been a thought I’ve believed for quite a while, so when I’d seen their name in the showcase list, as well as, The Americana Music Awards running order. I wasn’t quite sure how to feel. But, thought I’d give it a go.
Ferris and Sylvester have performed at the likes of Neverworld, Black Deer, Glastonbury, as well as, lots of other live events. With support coming from some of the best names in the industry, such as, BBC Introducing and MOJO. However, I could never get the attraction that pulled people to them – it just wasn’t something I’d call interesting to watch or listen too. 
Until last night that is, when they played at the AmericanaFest 202 in Hackney, which turned out to not only be their first performance at an AMA event, but of the decade too.
Upon first glance they seemed slightly nervous, yet, as soon as they started to play it was as if it got washed away, and the chemistry between them kicked in body language and cheeky grin sometimes says a lot. 
During their slot they played a variety of original songs, but, without a doubt my favourite had to be ‘Flying Visit,’ it was music with meaning and you could see it cut to their core. As a listener you want to feel connected to the person you’re listening to and know you’re not wasting your time so their soul-baring song-writing defiantly helps you feel like you’re apart of something bigger.
From a performance perspective they have perfected it to a tea as Izzy showed how she was a multi talented musician, multitasker and Archie showcased his talent and love for a rock n roll styled guitar solo. The result you ask…  Well the audience loved it, myself included. Without a doubt they defied all odds and the way the audience adored and applauded them is defiantly what interests me the most. You don’t have feel anxious about a certain age grouping either because if last nights anything to go by you’ll have a teenager head banging with a grin on his face while clapping in the air and a dad air guitar-ing. 
The Americana Music Association have hit the nail on the head they are most defiantly one of the best emerging Americana acts of the year and with their first album now recorded I cannot wait to see what’s next. 
We already know they’re going on tour with Jade Bird but will they get ‘’London Blues’’ why don’t you find out? Now I know I was too quick to judge, why not give them chance. 

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