AmericanaFest UK: Day Two Part 2

By MediaMonkey

January 31, 2020
From a young age you’re told not to talk to strangers, but, it seems us journalists, or, at least us aspiring wafflers, can never seem to get the memo. People who know me, will know I can chat for most of the South of England so here’s an adventure co-starring the mystery man from AmericanaFest and proof words are certainly powerful.
I’d say imagine a nice hot night, where the sky was clear blue, but, its England and we all know how likely that would be in Winter (pretty much impossible.) Anyway, back to it… So believe it, or not, I was minding my own business just walking over to the next venue, when Mr Film-maker asks me if I have a program, of course I retrieve it and then just wait for him to have a look. But, I hadn’t thought about the fact this young at heart gentleman was a little jolly so the chatter continues for… Lets say a little while.
Until, I end up in Oslo at 22:20 to see Chatham County Line, who has been highly recommended by Mr Film-maker. When they say ‘everything happens for a reason,’ I never really took any notice yet I went out curiosity.
But, I don’t regret it. 
Without a doubt, it was the best band I saw over the two-day period. The venue quite literally packed out and as the dapper dressed gentleman hit the stage, I’ll be honest I wasn’t too optimistic. However, the Bluegrass brotherhood captivated every individual in the room and it was the first time I saw people fully dance, and I mean DANCE! 
In all honesty, mixed with the talent and blues that was coming off Oslo’s stage it was enough to start tapping them cowboy boots and gain the audience’s attention. I think it had more to do with their auras and it wasn’t as if they were playing for the sake of playing it was out of love for they do.  The sound was something out of this world too, as the instrument ions combined was a fusion and perfect representation of Bluegrass. Let’s face it, a harmonica, a bass and a fiddle is a rather funky Americana combination. This is without mention the emotion presented through their vocal harmonies.
They look and most importantly, sound the part go and check them out especially, considering they have their new album Strange Fascination which is set to be released on May 15th. 

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