AmericanaFest UK: Day Two Review

By MediaMonkey

January 31, 2020
Without warmth and love, a house is just a house, just like music without meaning is an irrelevant melody. With this in mind, I’d like to borrow your attention for a moment, while we recap on AmericanaFest’s closing night. A surreal situation where Night Tales, music venue became more than just bricks and water and transformed into a musical home. All thanks to the House of Songs showcase.
Wednesday 29th was a night which will never be forgotten. This is all down to performances from Dylan Earl, Judy Blank and Our Man In The Field. 
Opening was southern storyteller Dylan Earl, who’s set packed out the stage surroundings in a split second. Yet caused controversy for Americana festival-goers, as one gentleman heckled ‘’turn the vocal up for god sake.’’ A comment which got a fair few nods around the venue as they realised the sound wasn’t quite at the professional level they paid for. However, the Country artist didn’t let it phrase him, as he played the best of his repertoire, which he referred to as ‘’a despicable song.’’ 
Then, folk artist Our Man In The Field went on to close the show with his husky harmonic vocal and set spectators completely in awe with his original, ‘Pockets’. A track he released in 2014.
On a side note, if you’ve ever heard the term ‘second’s the best’ this is a rather accurate description of the night. 
As sassy show-woman, Judy Blank owned Night Tales stage with her Americana set. Within 30 seconds the crowd started a clapping frenzy. However, when their appreciation would stop for a moment, you could hear a pin drop and all eyes were on the singer-songwriter.
The Neverland’s based artist performance was one of the most humbling shows I’ve ever seen.
During ‘1995’ (a track from her ‘Morning Sun’ album), her sweet tone shone, as did her love for her fans. Simultaneously, in the audience she gazed her attention on a young adult singing along and made an conscious decision to thank her. But, also decided to stand away from the microphone and use only the acoustics of her guitar and the space around her to singalong with the girl. This wasn’t about fame or becoming ‘popular’ her set was a humbling and intimate one where she embraced not only her fans… But, her guitarist, Stefan too and their on stage chemistry was a great presentation of passion for music and true friendship.
House of Songs was more like a home where the truth could be just that yet the music could do the talking.

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