Animal Crossing By Lola Louise

By MediaMonkey

April 25, 2024

I grew up on this game, well, until I lost the DS card, multiple times. Was nothing worse than starting your island over again. Except, there were less consequences in Wild World compared to New Horizons. I got bored earlier this year and since my favourite villager, Lily decided it was time to disown me, I had nothing to lost so I started over. I lost a 4 star island but if I’m totally honest, I wasn’t the best at decorating. It started to look a bit tacky with no theme. New start. From Calypso, named after the Luis Fonsi song which was my favourite at the time I created the island to bxtchville, I wanted to be edgy.

Bad idea. My villagers genuinely didn’t vibe with me. So I pretty much disowned the game again. I got asked to go and look after my friend’s kid for an hour or so, he wanted to play animal crossing as “I knew a lot.” I rushed around like a crazy person trying to find the game card. It had disappeared. I somehow forgot I have Mario Wonder. Anyway, I found it in that box.

Started over again. I had like 5 hours to get a decent enough island in case I was getting visitors. Luckily it didn’t happen. There wasn’t much to show.

I somehow forgot how amazing and addictive this game is. I can’t stop. I just want to play all day and all night. This time, I’m thinking smarter not harder. I’m planning my island properly. All my shops are in a row and I’m making a housing corner for my residents. My first 2 absolutely hate me. I have Diva and Mott, they won’t talk to me. I go up and they’re like “what do you want?” I gave you a place on my island, why do you hate me so much? You’d be homeless if I didn’t build your houses and in the beginning pitch your tents. I was hoping that if I give them gifts they’d like me but apparently they don’t want gifts.

Anyway, I think playing this game is the perfect escapism from the toxic world right now. I am enjoying not having to think about everything else. Let’s face it, it’s scary out there at the moment and heartbreaking. I managed to put down my phone for hours and there I went off on a new adventure. I can’t say it’s all perfect as I did get stung by wasps 4 times in one day.

10/10 – Recommend you take up this journey if you feel a bit lost.

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