Anna Calvi will return for Peaky Blinders season 6

By MediaMonkey

February 3, 2020
Anna Calvi was one of the most important people in Peaky Blinders last season. Not for acting in it, but because she worked on the music and that’s become a huge part of the show.
Now NME have spoken to Anna about a possible return and: “Yeah, I think I am going to be involved in some capacity – so I’m excited to get back into that Peaky world. It was such an amazing experience.”
As for plot, well, you can guess her views if you’re heard her music: “I just want to see how dark it can get. Push Tommy to the edge, and then even further. You’re really rooting for him, even when he’s being terrible. That’s an amazing thing for Cillian as an actor to pull off.”

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