Annie Mac tells parliament about music industry’s rampant sexual abuse

By MediaMonkey

September 14, 2023

I think we all know that when the Me Too movement finally reaches the music industry 75% of it will be wiped away (as it should be), and DJ Annie Mac has been testifying about what she feels to a parliamentary committee.

Speaking to MPs, Mac said “There needs to be some sort of a shift in women feeling like they’re able to speak out without their careers being compromised, [but] I don’t know how that can happen… I feel like there are a lot of revelations that have not been exposed… It’s infuriating, the amount of women who have stories of sexual assault that just kind of buried them and carried them. It’s just unbelievable.”

“So I do think if something were to happen, like if one person was to speak that had enough profile where it got media attention, I think there could be a kind of tidal wave of it. Definitely.”

“There are common threads that run through everything I’ve heard… That is that women, especially young women in the music industry, are consistently underestimated and undermined, and freelance women are consistently put in situations where they are unsafe.”
She continued: “The music industry is a boys’ club. Everybody knows everyone in the top levels. All the people at the very top levels have the money. They also have the power. The system is kind of rigged against women.”

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