Are Bring Me The Horizon about to drop new music?

By MediaMonkey

September 1, 2021
When Bring Me The Horizon released their Post Horror: Human Survival Ep last October, they told the press they were working on three more parts they hoped to get out ASAP. Well, we’re not nearly at a new October and… finally a hint, as singer Oli has been using TikTok to share a snippet of a song and some visuals.
Also, on Twitter they posted “i k33p h0LdiNG my breATh 4 a m1raCle. h0piNg thE hoLe iN my hEarT w0ULd oF hEaleD s0m3h0W” which looks 100% like a new music tease if we ever saw one. Oh, and they also tour soon so…

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