Baby Reindeer: Martha actress wasn’t told details about the real woman

By MediaMonkey

June 6, 2024

If you watched recent Netflix hit Baby Reindeer, and then Piers Morgan’s interview with the real woman who inspired the show’s stalker, you might have sat like us, and the rest of the internet, going ‘well she’s just like it’.

Turns out, this is purely a script accident, as creator / actor Richard Gadd didn’t tell actress Jessica Gunning much about the inspiration so she’d do it her way. As he told Variety:

“I didn’t share any real life voicemails or emails with Jessica… And she was also very good at being like, ‘I just need the script and that’s fine’… I wanted Martha to take on a life of its own, to exist outside the real-life people, and I didn’t want it to be like an actor trying to inhabit a person… I wanted it to be its own character.”

I mean, to be honest Richard, you failed didn’t you.

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