BARBIE and how it got ruined! By Lola Louise

By MediaMonkey

August 21, 2023

I waited till all the hype died down, mainly as there were no tickets available for the times I wanted to go. It was like a plague on socials, it took over every element. Everywhere you went, Barbie was everywhere. The marketing team did a good job, don’t get me wrong, I just wish that they didn’t release so much of the beginning early. The first scene was released at least a year ago. At least 20 minutes of the movie was released all over Tik Tok. Was watching like, this is so boring, I can’t believe I’ve seen all this. Scene after scene, more and more content that was leaked. How people didn’t get caught recording on their phones, I don’t know. They came in with infrared technology to our screening to make sure that wasn’t happening. There was no way that these spoilers could be avoided, when it was being spammed onto feeds. If I had a shot for every time Hi Barbie and Hi Ken within the first half, I would have been drunk into oblivion or nearly dead. It was unnecessary and annoying. There was no need to be that cringe worthy. Nobody was doubting that those were Barbie’s and those were Ken’s.

The movie did get better and sometimes more cringe worthy. One thing that isn’t being talked about enough is the fact that this movie showed an insight into how women view patriarchy and it wasn’t wrong at all. It tended to be very chaotic, messy and rogue. Plus, it showed the old values of where women belong. But it also did binary opposites, it showed a woman’s world and that it’s okay to not have a man. This is itself is so important and women are still pushed into age old expectations where “women can’t be happy without a man” that’s just BS. This movie proves it too. Barbie was a lot happier on her own. She loved her independence. She didn’t have to rely on anyone else to get by in the world.

One thing that did stand out above all is the humorous narrations. They were perfectly timed and relatable. It’s true, Margot Robbie is the wrong actress to feel ugly.

Some things kind of were left open and assuming based off the monetary gross, a sequel will probably end up in the works. Even though it’s not necessary, how anyone could tolerate more. Not sure what else there is left to tell, except how Barbie copes in the real world under a new identity. I’ll take a guess and say that she probably would fail at getting a job due to no qualifications.

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