BBC has to create special Prince Philip coverage complaints form people are so angry

By MediaMonkey

April 10, 2021
Yesterday, Prince Philip, Consort to the Queen of the UK, died, and so did all regular television programming. Within minutes BBC and ITV had switch to a rolling obituary, and Channel 4 did for a while before going back to its regular shows. The BBC coverage of the death continued throughout the day on BBC 1 and 2, while BBC 4 was turned off.
This has drawn, how shall we put this, a shitload of complaints. Let’s be honest here, even if you were a passionate supporter of Prince Philip, surely even you would agree BBC 1 and 2 didn’t need to be showing the same obituary coverage at the same time! Surely one channel for royalists and one channel for everyone who wasn’t fussed was only sensible.
Anyway, the Beeb stuck with all Philip, all the time, and received so many complaints about people who wanted to do other things with their precious life time that the BBC had to create a special complaints form just for them. We can only imagine what will happen when the Queen dies… complete public abandonment of terrestrial television and a firing up of the Netflix subscription.

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