Billie Eilish talks about losing and find friends

By MediaMonkey

June 10, 2024

Billie Eilish has been talking to the BBC’s Miss Me? Podcast, and she narrated a journey through friendship.

“Well I lost all of my friends when I got famous,” she said. “I suddenly was famous and I couldn’t relate to anybody. It was tough. It was really hard.” Not quite all, she had her friend Zoe. But everyone else she knew were employees.

“And then it was my 20th birthday and I remember looking around the room and it was only people that I employ. And all 15 years or more older than me.”

However, she’s done some work: “Exactly a year ago, I reconnected with a bunch of old friends and now, I have so many friends… I have a crew now! I could literally cry about it. It’s been the greatest thing that’s happened to me… “I was like, “Guys, I have friends and I just love you guys so much, and it’s been so long since I’ve had friends. I cried… and it’s literally because I actually have friendship now again.”

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