Björk’s Coachella set was both brilliant and the future of warfare

By MediaMonkey

April 17, 2023

Björk performed a triumphant set at Coachella over the weekend. The career spanning set saw her backed by an orchestra, and reports say it was sublime. We say reports, because the planned livestream was axed hours before, as it was for Frank Ocean. Nevertheless, she impressed those who saw it.

Björk preached simplicity in the set up of the show, which isn’t exactly true as she had some support from drones. Actually, let me rephrase that, she had an entire drone army, 864 of them whizzing round creating the light show.

Awesome, and coming to a battlefield near you very soon.

“I wanted to share with you excitedly that i was joined with 864 drones tonight !!!” she posted on Insta, “The show tonight was orkestral which is me, all about simplicity [with an] orchestra playing a selection of my songs,” she continued. “So in honour of Coachella magnificent festival … I asked a drone company, Studio Drift, to join us.”

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