Black Deer Focus: Gorilla

By MediaMonkey

November 26, 2020
Now, this isn’t laziness, but Gorilla’s biography (as found on their Facebook) is genuinely such a hilarious slice of promotion we’re going to quote large bits of it instead of attempt to match it: 
“Did Sarah carve her bass from a rock? Did John grow up in a woodshed, eating trees?
Was Billy born a little Hippy child ,sticky his tongue out at authority…
Who cares!!!!
What I do know is Sarah (bass supremo) and John (guitar kid who sings) got together a coupla years back with the sole intention of creating a band that was pure excitement, high -energy , heavy as fuck pure in deed and action that could rock like a motherfucker on painfully weak acid!! Ladies and Gentlemen , I give you – GORILLA!!!!!!!…
Ironball was first .This song was to be a template for the Gorilla philosophy – If it aint exciting, dynamic, heavy as fuck then kick it out motherbrother!!! Influences such as Sabbath , the Who, Blue Cheer, Budgie, Grand Funk, Motorhead, etc. all were accounted for and all present and correct SAHRRR!!!!Covers were learned and disgarded ,on the road south, new songs took form, the Acorn Brain frier, the super-charged Good Time Rockin ,the thick murderous 40 Winks, the bone crushingly heavy Coxsackie ,which came on like the MC5 at a demolition derby!!!!
Destroy the Instrument Motherbrother!!!!!
Aheavy beat was added to beat the meat mostly in time with the vibrations at the centre of the Uni-dimes .
A set of songs was taking shape in their Palace of Dreams which would truly kick the ass of every thing weak, fake and insincere that stood before it!!! QUIVER AND DIE WEAKLNGS !!!!!!
Gorilla – The Last Bastions of Fuck the Safety Net Rock n Roll – Maximum Riff Mania – Destroy the Instrument !!!!!”
So now you’ve read about Gorilla in their own crazy words, let’s get down to some music. Firstly as it’s a major pain to actually find a band called Gorilla with no other clues, here’s their Bandcamp where you can source their stuff: Then you can listen below to some screaming, out of control rock that makes you feel the carpet sticking to your shoes and the snakebite in your nostrils with Scum of the Earth and Treecreeper.
Gorilla are performing on the Saturday of Black Deer Festival 2021. It takes place June 18-20 2021. Tickets from

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