Black Deer Focus: Rob Heron the Tea Pad Orchestra

By MediaMonkey

February 19, 2021
Black Deer Festival celebrates the sights and tastes and, of course, the music of the Americana scene, and consequently you don’t see many space suits in the music videos… apart from ‘Eta Carinae’ by Rob Heron & the Tea Pad Orchestra, because they’ve gone full 50s cheap quarry spacemen. The group actually hail from Newcastle, but pride themselves on a musical heritage that’s hugely diverse and founded on a passion for crate digging.
The visuals for High Speed Train are, perhaps, more what you’d expect, with a trip on one of the world’s oldest railways and some bearded men playing folk rock, with a harmonica powering over the top of the engines. It’s also a protest song, against the HS2 rail expansion, and your mileage of this one may vary.
We’ve also got a live cut they did for the BBC called Stealin’ Gene. If you like these, they’ve got four albums out and will be playing Black Deer Festival this summer, June 18-20. Tickets from

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