Black Deer Focus: William The Conqueror

By MediaMonkey

May 7, 2021
William The Conqueror have albums called ‘Proud Disturber of the Peace’ and ‘Bleeding on the Soundtrack’, so you’re know they’re not on the choir end of the spectrum. Instead the band play a gritty and aged blues rock and you’ll have detected a plural in our words: they are a three piece who ooze bourbon and cigarettes. The key figure is songwriter Ruarri Joseph, and he’s a very old soul indeed.
First up we’ve got Jesus Died A Young Man, whose commentary on life and religion is aided by a video of clips of US church life intercut with bad stuff. The message is clear. Then we have the ‘as live’ video for Move On. Those two cuts come from an album we haven’t mentioned yet, 2021’s Maverick Thinker… which means Black Deer Festival will be one of your first chances to see a post release gig.
Finally there’s a solo acoustic version of Tend To The Thorns. William the Conqueror are playing Black Deer on Friday June 25th. Black Deer Festival 2021 is June 25th to 27th at Eridge Park in Kent. Tickets from here.  

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