Bryan Cranston explains how he was once a murder suspect

By MediaMonkey

February 15, 2024

Bryan Cranston was once a murder suspect, during the mid 70s. We know this because he was telling all to Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Dinner On Me podcast, and the story is incredible.

He and his brother were doing part time work in a restaurant for a Chef everyone hated. “We’d all discuss how rotten and mean Peter Wong is, and we’d all discuss, if one were to do away with Peter Wong … how would one do it?… We would laugh. You’re in a kitchen, there’s a million ways to kill someone in a kitchen.”

However, “Well, little did we know that right at the time we said goodbye and left the job, Peter Wong went missing. He was not found for a week, week and a half, two weeks,” and when the police looked into it, staff said, well, those guys hated him and left town…

“Little did we know they put out an APB on us and to find us, we were somewhere in the Carolinas, I think at that point.”

Luckily, the cops worked out who’d done the murder and locked them up.

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