By Jingo: the UK govt are flogging a completely cringe song for kids

By MediaMonkey

June 22, 2021
The Department of Education is responsible for the teaching of the nation’s kids, and they raised eyebrows recently when they endorsed something called OBON Day 21, 25th June:

It turns out that OBON stands for One Britain, One Nation, and it isn’t a govt creation, it’s a private campaign that’s been going on the last few years to try and… Well, it’s all a bit creepy and indoctrinatory and promoting the idea of ‘Britain’ as a single united nation. Now, your scribe would describe themselves as British if asked, but that doesn’t mean I was ready to discover that OBON have the most cringeworthy song you’ll hear this week and they want kids to sing it on OBON Day:

Just a reminder, the Department of Education think the above is a good idea. 
So you can imagine how people have reacted… mostly with comparisons to the Hitler Youth and pledges from Wales and Scotland to do something Welsh and Scottish instead. But, sadly, not with any surprise we’ve got to this.

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