Chris Martin wants to use emojis as song titles: others aren’t so keen

By MediaMonkey

May 18, 2021
It’s easy to rag on Coldplay and we try not to, but Chris Martin has an idea which sounds achingly trendy. Here he is describing it to Radio X: “We’re trying to have the first album with some tracks that have titles of just emojis.”
Yep, Coldplay want to use emojis as album titles. Now they could have done this twenty years ago, but today they’re getting pushback from streaming companies who have cold sweats just thinking about coding that: 
But it’s proving tricky because of all the service providers, some say, ‘You can’t do that’. You literally have ten million songs in one box. Let us have a picture of an apple for a song or something like that.”
If this goes ahead, and if Coldplay can’t do it, no one can, we imagine someone on Spotify is going to abuse the egg plant emoji.

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