Chris Moyles just called your band crap and the music world responded angrily

By MediaMonkey

February 20, 2023

Chris Moyles has had a long career on various forms of Radio, but he’s never come across as someone who gives the slightest shit about music. Now he’s come out and with some damning comments revealed he doesn’t give a shit about anyone who isn’t already successful.

Answering a complaint his radio show – which has shrunk from primetime Radio 1 to Radio X – doesn’t play enough new or smaller artists, he ranted “that’s not what this show is all about… And the real reason is, and this will blow their tiny minds and they’ll hate this, the reason why we won’t play unsigned bands is because – and there are exceptions to the rule – but the main reason is that most unsigned bands are crap… I’m sorry, but that’s the truth.”

Of course anyone with more than five minutes experience of the broad music scene knows there’s unsigned bands every bit as good as signed bands, and that it takes years of hard graft to go from one to the other.

This is, of course, a meat headed 90s LAD magazine sort of statement to make, which is what Moyles always was and still is, although apologies to 90s LAD Magazines for associating Moyles with them. Twitter is awash with people alternating between praising the unsigned bands who struggle away and, like salmon going up stream, reach the glory shores, and slagging Moyles off as a faded version of an already ‘crap’ persona.

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