Cillian Murphy would come back to 28 Days Later series

By MediaMonkey

May 26, 2021
Before Cillian Murphy became a huge star in Peaky Blinders, he was one of the stars of brilliant modern zombie movie 28 Days Later. The film has two endings, and we feel like we can spoil it nearly twenty years later by saying in one ending he lives and in another he dies. 
There’s been no actual news anyone is going to make the third in the series, even though Danny Boyle said was going to work on the plot, but when Cillian was speaking to CinePop he said he would consider going back for it:
“I would never say never. I loved making that movie. It was a long time ago. It was almost 20 years ago. But sure!”
Alright, someone write him a script please.

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