Code Black By Lola Louise

By MediaMonkey

August 22, 2023

Code Black – A term meaning that a hospital is over capacity. This show takes place in LA where a hospital is in Code Black more than anywhere else. This unheard of medical drama is a diamond in the rough, it’s for those who are sick of those other medical dramas who went down the romance route and forgot about the medicine element, Grey’s Anatomy, I’m talking about you.

This show has the best development of characters, there’s a character for everyone, the storylines are well written and it is completely unexpected. You have no idea where it is even going. The bonds between characters are beautifully done, they’re always supportive to one another. There’s never a time where someone was made to feel like less than they are, they were always respected despite their status. One character who deserves a mention for being amazing is “Mama” Jesse, he’s so likeable and funny. Always manages to put a smile on your face. He really is the unlikely if base on exterior. He has a heart of gold. His friendship with Leanne, it’s perfection.

A character that deserves an honourable mention is Heather, she came in later than anyone else. She brings something different to the cast and it’s indescribable. Her chemistry with the character of Mario, they’d make such a good couple if it weren’t for her being so polyamorous. She has that badass but likeable personality and slays at the same time. Love that.

One thing that is unique is the medical cases, lots haven’t previously been represented in detail on any other show. They don’t do the norm at all and that’s what makes it special. They think out of the box with the settings, although, this show mostly takes place in one location. That is so rare. Most shows are multiple locations.

This show got cancelled in 2018 after 3 seasons and it definitely deserved better. It didn’t get the same exposure as other shows and was rarely exposed to an international audience. Personally, the best season was 1, it kind of dropped out after the second when quite a few major characters randomly disappeared with no explanation. That was quite disappointing. There’s nothing worse than when you love and character and they’re gone. What happened to them? Some explanation is needed.

There are some things that could have been done better, enhancing the narrative and developed the plot. Some better diving into the personal lives. We didn’t get to see what happens when the characters go home at night, that would have been a perfect addition to the show. I give it a 6/10, mainly because my favourites left too soon and it was hard to connect with incoming characters.

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