Dappy stops man committing suicide

By MediaMonkey

June 19, 2021
We’ve teased former N-Dubz man Dappy on Supajam over the years for the things he’s done, but we’ve got to apologise now as he’s stopped a man committing suicide.
Here’s the story: Dappy was shooting a music video in London, when police and ambulances arrived to deal with an emergency. Dappy and his crew were asked to leave the area as a 27 year old man was thinking of jumping off Tower Bridge. Thanks to a miracle, this man was a fan of Dappys, and the Sun narrates “As he was walking away, Dappy heard this young guy shouting his name and waving frantically as he was perched precariously in an arch directly over the Thames.”
Dappy then convinced the police to let him get close and talk to the man, he  “spent about 10 minutes talking, and Dappy was amazing. He told him life was beautiful, and that things would get better basically…As a result, the guy let medics climb up and help get him off.” The man was section and given help. 
Fair play.

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