DC rumoured to be dropping Ezra Miller completely after the Flash

By MediaMonkey

June 20, 2022

Ezra Miller’s recent behaviour has surely ruled them out of anything like Hollywood employment ever again, as they’ve gone on a seemingly endless of violence and abuse. Miller themself has reacted in a bizarrely messianic way, and clearly needs help and prison. Now, inevitably and correctly, DC are reportedly going to drop Miller from their role of the Flash.

But they have a massive problem, and that’s they have a Flash movie with Miller already shot, one which sets up their future DC universe and contains multiple versions of Batman which, even with Miller, is something many people want to see. The rumour is Miller will be dropped after this Flash movie, and the company will just hope they can sneak it across the finish line without Miller doing any more damage… which doesn’t seem likely.

DC aren’t in a position to lose what would otherwise have been a half billion plus movie, but now they’re holding a bomb and have no obvious place to throw it.

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