Easy Life to release last record under that name after losing legal battle

By MediaMonkey

October 11, 2023

The band Easy Life found themselves in a legal battle with the company EasyGroup, who own EasyJet among others, claiming ‘Easy Life’ was infringing their rights.

Unbelievably, in a sign of clear corporate bullshit, Easy Life cannot afford to defend themselves and need to change their name.

As they have a record and merch printed in their old name ready for release, and as that song’s taken six years to come to fruition, they’re going to take full advantage of having their name till Friday to release it.

“‘Trust Exercises’. I wrote this song over 6 years ago. since then I’ve made countless changes/edits/tweaks. we were always waiting for the right moment to drop this song but it never felt right and new material always got priority,” they wrote in a social media post, “We finally managed to get our shit together and we planned to release it in Jan, however we only have until Friday to get any music out as Easy Life. We have already made vinyl and merch, with Easy Life printed all over it, so it really is now or never.”

“Thanks to everyone who’s been waiting for this song, we’ve been playing it on tour for years, threatening to release it for years and finally on our last ever day as Easy Life, it’s coming. ‘Trust Exercises’, one of our earliest songs arriving just in the nick of time.”

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