Ed Sheerans answer to copyright claims he now films every writing session

By MediaMonkey

April 12, 2022
No one likes to get sued, but in his public comments on a recent court case in which he was acquitted of plagiarism, Ed Sheeran sounded genuinely hurt by it all. Now it’s been revealed Ed is taking severe measures to prevent any future lawsuits: he is filming “every single writing session” to have evidence. 
Sheeran and a collaborator spoke to Newsnight about legal cases, and the one that really hurt him, over Photograph: “I didn’t play Photograph for ages after that… I felt weird about it, it kind of made me feel dirty.” Since then, he’s filmed everything. 
Here’s a clip:

Now, some people have called this over defensive and paranoid, but given that Sheeran is a big target, it’s sensible.

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  1. Jabba

    thats a good idea


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