Elon Musk’s colleague says he could build Jurassic Park if he wanted to

By MediaMonkey

April 12, 2021
Neuralink is a engineering company that aims to pioneer interfaces between human brains and machines, and has Elon Musk as a co founder. Another co-founder is Max Hodak, a man who has learned nothing from the events of 2020 because, and we’re not joking, he reckons he could build Jurassic Park.
Here’s the tweets:


So, there’s a few things to unpack. Firstly, the utter chaos a novel virus has managed to cause, what would happen if someone released novel dinosaurs into the world? Also, has he ever seen Jurassic Park? Nature finds a way.
Obviously we’d definitely book tickets for, say, a year later once all the murders had stopped. 
Dinosaurs on Mars baby.

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