Ex Wet Leg member demands writing credits

By MediaMonkey

July 3, 2023

Where there’s a hit, there’s a writ, and Wet Leg have seen the first signs of some trouble. Rhian Teasdale has told The Times he helped write some songs, came up with the name, and wants credit.

At one point Teasdale was a member of Wet Leg, but he was also dating their singer and when the relationship ended he left the band. He says he was forced.

So, the name: “For years me and a couple of friends had lists of stupid band names… Anytime you’d think of a funny combination of words you’d write it down. One of them was Wet Book. My brother misheard me and said ‘Oh you should call it Wet Leg. Rhian wasn’t sure. Seems to have worked though.”

He also says he co-wrote Oh No and Too Late Now and wants credit. “I feel frightened to try and approach the subject. But I did write [them] and they are on the record. So I probably should get recognised.”

“I was really upset by it actually,” he says. Bitter ex or valid claim?

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