Frightened Rabbit need your footage

By MediaMonkey

April 4, 2024

Frightened Rabbit has been posting some interesting stuff on their socials. They’ve explained that in 2017 filmaker William Miller linked up with them wanting to do a doc about their 2008 album The Midnight Organ Flight, which would be released for the ten year anniversary.

However, when frontman Scott Hutchinson tragically committed suicide, everything was put “on hold whilst we coped with the loss of Scott and in a lot of ways the end of FR. We never fully gave up on the idea of getting this film made and thankfully neither did the team involved in making it – so this year we picked those conversations back up and are in the process of making this film a reality.”

They need you: “As with most things we try to do, we want this story to be told from as many perspectives as possible and are keen to create something that feels like it’s from the FR community as much as it is for it… So we are asking you to share your cherished videos and photos with us to create something truly special together. It doesn’t matter if it’s a live performance, a meet and greet, a heartfelt fan tribute, or simply a snapshot of a memorable Frightened Rabbit experience. We want to see FR through your eyes, or your crap Nokia phone lens (you know who you are).”

“Your footage will possibly be featured in the documentary film that we hope will highlight the connections we’ve all had over the years. We want this to be a real, honest and true representation of the band over the years and that couldn’t happen without input from the people who were the biggest part of making FR what it is today.”

Anything pertaining to Midnight Organ Flight can be emailed to FRABBITFILM@GMAIL.COM They need “Frightened Rabbit Fan Material” in the subject line, as well as your name, location, date of the media and any stories about it. “By submitting your material, you agree to potentially have it included in the documentary. Don’t worry, proper credit will be given where it’s due… Spread the word among the Frightened Rabbit community, and let us create a movie of memories that will honor the enduring legacy of Scott and Frightened Rabbit and what both those things mean to people now and then.” Fans should follow @terzocreative and @frabbitfilm on Instagram for updates.

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