GB News is falling for the old fake names scam

By MediaMonkey

June 17, 2021
GB News is the UK’s latest new channel. It’s self-declared mission is to provide content for people on the right wing of the political spectrum, who feel the rest of the media is too much to the left / woke. Obviously, this has divided opinion, because its entire mission is based on divided opinion, and some sensible people have decided to protest by asking advertisers to boycott the station. This has had some success.
Other, less sensible, people have decided to protest by getting the oblivious presenters of GB News to read out fake names… and over the last few days Mike Hunt, Mike Oxlarge, Clee Torus and more have had their opinions read out.
It’s unclear whether an inexperienced staff who haven’t yet gelled together haven’t been able to apply standard editorial practices, whether the show’s budget means they don’t have a full compliment of staff, or whether they’re just daft, but it’s still happening.

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