Glass Animals will support local venues with peanut butter

By MediaMonkey

May 28, 2021
When you hear the story of a band doing something to raise money for the Music Venue Trust, you might imagine gigging or singing or something music related.
Glass Animals are launching a range of peanut butter, via a teamup with Jackpot. If you’re wondering what on earth is going on, they mentioned peanut button in a single called Gooey and are running with it. 
The pot is resuable and refillable, and £2 from each sale goes to the Music Venue Trust. Or you could buy a jumper… which has a recipe for peanut butter.
Here’s singer Dave explaining:  “I’ve been eating jackpot peanut butter for years. There’s a jackpot stall in a market next to my house in Hackney, and I loved the look of the packaging to be honest…plus it had a quote from Gremlins on. So I picked up a tub. It was delicious… And that’s when I started reading the small print on the back. Each sale includes a donation to Music Venue Trust, the charity which looks after grassroots music venues…i.e. the venues that gave us a shot in the early days when we had no idea what we were doing…the venues that need help to survive but do an extraordinary amount for music culture.”


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