Glastonbury give advice on getting a ticket: you need to read this

By MediaMonkey

August 17, 2023

Want to go to Glastonbury in 2024? Unfortunately for your chances of getting a ticket so do a million other people, so Glasto have given advice on what to do to get ready for the sale. You cannot just turn up with a minute to spare.

So, you must register, and you have until 5pm GMT October 31st. You will need to submit a photo, as the tickets will have your photo on it:

“Any Glastonbury ticket registrations submitted prior to 2020 need to be reviewed before our next ticket sale at… and the details confirmed.

Please also take a moment to review the details and photo(s) we have on file, submitting a more recent photo if your existing one is no longer of a good likeness, and make any other necessary amendments to your registered information no later than 30th September 2023.

Thank you.”

NME offered more clarity:

“For fans that registered prior to 2020 who intend to buy tickets for 2024 festival or in future years, all details will need to be reviewed/ updated and confirmed no later than Saturday, September 30 2023. If you do not confirm pre-2020 registration details, they will be deleted on Monday, October 2, 2023 and fans will be required to submit a new registration.”

The date of the sale has not been announced.

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