Glastonbury: some of the many things to see

By MediaMonkey

June 24, 2024

It is the Glastonbury Festival this weekend, and we have been organising our on site coverage: the chart is colour coded. The festival themselves have been busy and dropped the first highlights bulletin, which goes out every morning of the festival.

So what’s the news?

Details on the drone show: the fireworks display is now a titanic drone show featuring 576 of the devices and is best seen from the Pyramid field. The display is “inspired by themes of peace and togetherness”, which isn’t what you normally associate with drones.

Speaking of war, a military helicopter has been taken and turned into a new Glastonbury centrepiece, becoming the new dragonfly in Arcadia. It is meant to promote renewal and using tech to counter climate change.

Heathrow rises: people have salvaged sections of Heathrow’s first terminal and constructed a nightclub cum art exhibit which will be staffed by members of the Cleaners & Allied Independent Workers Union so you can party and muse on the pro migrant message of “no human is illegal.”

Talent Winners: the winner of the Emerging Talent Competition, Jayahadadream, will be playing five sets, while all the other finalists are down for one.

There is much more of course, you can’t explore it all in a day.

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