Glastonbury tickets sell out in an hour

By MediaMonkey

November 7, 2022

It’s the time of year when we all take the morning off work and get the refresh button ready, because it’s Glastonbury Tickets time. After some media tried to make a completely understandable price increase into a battle issue, it turns out no real buyers were worried. After the coach and packet tickets sold out in twenty minutes last week, the general sale tickets sold out in less than an hour.

Now, most people won’t have had to take time off work because the sale was on a Sunday, so I guess there was no church going instead. Ahem. Bursts into flames.

As the system opened at 9am, the influx of buyers tested the system, leading the Glastonbury twitter to ask “Tickets are selling, but we are seeing incredible demand. Please keep trying – but please stick to one device.”

Yeah, no one has less than a phone, a tablet, a laptop and a desktop going at once for these puppies. Hey, does the Xbox have a browser?

The official shutting of doors happened at 10.03, when Glasto announced the tickets were all gone.

If you didn’t get one, you may be tempted by scalpers, so you need to know there will be an official resale of cancelled tickets in the spring.

(However, due to the issues with the ticket system, a few lucky and persistent buggers managed to snag tickets from failed purchases after the announcement they’d gone. Make a note for next time.)


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