Holding out for a Hero meets Bards

By MediaMonkey

April 18, 2024

Now, hear us out. A cover of the Bonnie Tyler classic Holding out for a Hero, done by Lydia the Bard.

If you’ve not heard Lydia’s previous work you might think this was some twee YouTube cover, but it’s actually an epic interpretation fuelled by betrayal at the end of a battle. This is how she sets the scene:

“OK SO, they’re on a battle field, we’re at the end of the book and the final fight has arrived. Our heroes jump into the fray but the strategy that has been put in place is clear to fail, there’s no way they’ll win this battle but the higher ups pull rank and they go forward with the plan anyway. Our protagonist confronts her love interest about the plan and he assures her the best thing to do is follow orders, no ones dying today. She trusts him and ignores the warning signs. And so they fight, with everything they have, they fight. Our protagonist looks around the battlefield, watching as friends fall left and right. She focuses her mind and continues striking through enemy after enemy. Eventually the battle quietens, the foes are fewer and she stands alone on the field breathing hard, sweat and dirt coating her skin. She spots a figure in the distance, her love interest stalks towards her with a knowing glint in his eye. At first she’s relieved to see him alive but then hesitates. The eyes she trusted implicitly look different to how they have before. Before she knows it he lunges forward and a sword has been plunged into her side, her knees buckle beneath her and her love guides her to the ground. He had been fighting for the other side all along. Slowly she begins to pass from this life to the next, heartbroken and calling out for a hero with her dying breath.”

Awesome stuff.

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