Hundred Reasons announce return and new album

By MediaMonkey

October 27, 2022

After a period of noughties fame, Hundred Reasons’ released their last album in 2007 and have barely been together in any meaningful form since… until 2022.

Yes, after fifteen years there is a new Hundred Reasons album, and the single (and LP title track) Glorious Sunset is streaming below. The album’s out February 24th, and the band will be touring.

Sonically it doesn’t sound like a nostalgia trip, there’s a very to date weight and sound to it all. The band said it was important to do that in a chat with NME, where they also explained:

“For me musically, I felt like we couldn’t just release an early ‘00s emo record because we’re not in our 20s anymore and that doesn’t feel appropriate for four 40-year-old dudes. We had to reflect that energy of the first record, but it also had to be more grown-up to reflect the subject matter and where we’re all at in our lives. It had to have a bit of oddness and artiness in there too.”

“From my perspective, [the single] kind of had multiple meanings. We don’t know if we’re going to make any more music. We don’t want to be on the treadmill again and this has all been very organic.
“Andy had the idea for the song and sent over one of his instrumentals called ‘Glorious Sunset’. It became a metaphor for us saying, ‘We’re potentially done now, but we’re not going to think about it’. The theme around the lyrics was also around the sadness of my mum passing away. There was this release and relief because she’d suffered a lot and was in pain for such a long time.”

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