Idris Elba to lead billion pound buyout of Channel 4?

By MediaMonkey

June 28, 2022

Channel 4 is one of the UK’s best institutions: it’s government owned but takes zero money from the government, instead self funding brave, bold shows that other places wouldn’t touch. It’s got one of the few UK news sources not blatantly in the Tory pocket, and because of this the government want to punish it, destroy it, by selling it off. The fear is whoever buys it will be another right wing magnate like most of the rest of the press.

Step forward Idris Elba. It emerged over the weekend there’s a billion pound bid being made with Idris at the forefront, and I have to be honest, if Channel 4 is going to be sold off, I feel like Idris is someone we can actually trust to make a good fist of it. Obviously the bulk of the money is coming from backers, but they’re people Idris has chosen to tie himself too.

Are we being naïve? Maybe. It would be better if the station was left alone. But if Nadine Dorries and Boris get there way, this may be a workable alternative.

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