It’s not easy being green By Lola Louise

By MediaMonkey

June 1, 2024

This is a piece on how the beauty industry discriminates against us olive skin girlies. Over the years, I’ve been matched every which way, always the wrong way. Not once have I found a shade that actually can match my neck. I’m 24 and I’ve been wearing the wrong shade since 2013 as my shade officially doesn’t exist. Recently on a post about this exact issue, I had loads of people comment telling me to try this brand and this brand swearing they’ll have my colour…They didn’t. It went pink tone, peach tone, orange tone, more orange tone, too dark for me. Every single brand that was recommended completely missed me out. There’s a reason it’s called olive, we have this weird undertone of green and usually a yellow overtone. Most brands don’t even do yellow, so they certainly don’t do green either.

I honestly would love to know how much I’ve spent on all the colour that were wrong. Have you ever been matched in shops? The lighting is hideous. As soon as I walked into daylight, I was orange, bright orange with what you call a tide line around my jaw, it was super embarrassing, RIP £12, yes, it might not be much but it mounts up.

There used to be an olive skin brand and that was still missing the green needed to make it work. It makes me want to cry as I feel so excluded from beauty which I love. I was suggested to create my own brand but I genuinely have no clue how that would work. They need to do better, they really do. They’re really excluding not just me, but a lot of girlies. I went to buy foundation once and asked for help, I got told in the most bitchy way possible “We don’t do your colour.” That hurt and it was embarrassing.

What I had to do recently was search every single shop for a yellow toned foundation that wasn’t patchy or full coverage, it’s hard. I then read that everyone else puts green concealer or powder, in their foundations. I was like “no way that works” it actually does, well did, I’m now tanned for the summer but wow, I have photos where there’s no difference at all between my face and neck. I also could wear it all day and it would stay in place.

I had been using concealer only for like 5 years as I couldn’t find a shade for me, this is weird but the concealer was a totally different colour to that exact brands foundation in the same shade. Someone needs to explain that one. Genuinely, I’m gonna continue to make my own going forward and who knows, maybe I could make a brand.

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