Jay Gordon has to issue statement after making Linkin Park claims

By MediaMonkey

April 4, 2024

Orgy singer Jau Gordon has got himself in a bit of trouble.

He was being interviewed on KCAL 96.7’s Wired in the Empire show, when he started a rumour that Linkin Park were coming back with a new singer:

“Very, very cool guys and obviously a great band. They’ve been around a long time and they’re still going for it… It’s going to be tough without Chester, but we’ll see. I hear they got a girl singer now. That’s what I heard… Don’t quote me on that. I’m not sure who the singer is going to be, but I heard it was gonna be female. They might just try to move on like that. That ought to be interesting.”

Today someone has forced him to backpeddle and do a bit of rewriting history: “With regards to this linkin park singer thing,” he wrote. “I know nothing about any of that. People sure do love to take my words out of context. I love those guys and wish them the best… Wow I was like what in the actual f**k ? I said nothing about knowing any of that and never brought it up. I love Chester and there will never be another him ever. Strange that that dude said something to me about it not the other way around. get real dude. Not cool!”

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