JK Rowling is saying we shouldn’t separate the art from the artist: time to send Harry Potter into the Sun

By MediaMonkey

March 16, 2023

Fascinating insight into the collapsing state of JK Rowling this week, when she’s delivered some quotes that surely stand at odds with most of her peers. She begins by saying “I absolutely knew that if I spoke out, many people who had loved my books would be deeply unhappy with me,’” and that’s true. But what normally happens is we then all have an internal debate about whether we can separate the art from the artist, if he we can still appreciate these songs and books as independent artifacts and not simply the mouthpiece of the appalling.

And this is where he gets weird, not just the usual Rowling bigotry. “‘I’m constantly told that I have betrayed my own books, but my position is that I’m absolutely upholding the positions that I took in Potter,’” Rowling explained (all quotes from the Metro). “‘My position is that this activist movement in the form that it’s currently taking, echoes the very thing that I was warning against in Harry Potter.’”

Now let’s put aside the fact Rowling has form for retconning her own intentions and works, perhaps because it wasn’t the thought through piece of genius she’d like us to think it is. Let’s ignore the fact an analysis of Potter’s villains produces absolutely nothing which makes sense in Rowling’s vociferous trans hating bile. Let’s just focus on the bizarre fact Rowling has effectively said, no, you can only like Harry Potter if you like me. If you want trans people to exist, you can’t have Harry Potter. And, oddly, I guess that means she’s okay with racial-slavery?

A bold position, but fair enough, we accept it. Fire Harry Potter into the Sun.

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