Julian Casablancas calls football bullshit and goes in studs up on England

By MediaMonkey

July 8, 2021
I have to admit, after England’s controversial win against Denmark last night I didn’t think I’d be posting Julian Casablancas opinion of it. But here we are, and the Strokes man is very angry indeed.
He took to the Insta to say “Wow. Soccer is such bullshit, loll… I don’t even care about outcome – best team win, i’m an argentina/USA fan, but soccer is a disgrace. it’s an ACTING CONTEST. whoever dives in the box best, wins close games. Lollll total horseshit. &what’s the point of review if they spend 7 seconds?? (and why is every fucking person giving their opinion british, ha. the worst.)
And on: “I was rooting for france in world cup and griezman was fave player UNTILLL he dove in the final to give them go-ahead goal. or italy’s world cup against australia. all of them – including this. tainted. sorry. just is.
Just like Sterling WAS my favorite player in this game, but man….(his left foot is the interesting part of the acting job fall- left leg stops to make body fall believably)
soccer needs repair.
-the end”
So you won’t be covering Three Lions if they win then Julian?

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