Lets talk about matchsticks for a moment

By MediaMonkey

February 13, 2024

We love a good quirky story, and last week was a rollercoaster for stories about Richard Plaud.

Richard had spent eight years cluing over 700,000 matchsticks together with 23kg of glue to create a model of the Eifel Tower which was 7.19m high. He submitted his towering creation to the Guiness Book of Records as it was taller than the current record holder…

… and they rejected him for using the wrong type of matches.

The wrong matches?

Yes, you see, to build a matchstick model you first have to scrape the sulphur off the end of each match, and Richard decided to contact a match maker and buy his 700k+ matches before the sulphur was added. Guiness decided this didn’t constitute using commercially available matches.

However, after several days of the internet shouting in support of Richard, Guiness changed their minds and he now has the record.

Which is good seeing as he spent 4,200 hours on it.

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