M People ‘Livid’ after Liz Truss walks on to Moving On Up at Tory conference

By MediaMonkey

October 5, 2022

New Tory leader and walking clusterfuck Liz Truss gave her keynote speech at the Tory conference today, and the entire publicity department of the party was cranked into making it appear succesful. Truss personally selected her walk on music, and she picked Moving On Up by M People…

Which, if you’re in M People, is a fucking nightmare as it turns out the last thing they want their hits associated with is a Prime Minister who critically failed in just days. M People founder Mike Pickering was out cycling when the speech was given, and je felt his phone start  “going mad in my pocket” as everyone he knew texted him oh shit Mike. You see Mike, and M People, are rather more to the left of the political spectrum than Truss, although these days it’s very hard to get further right.

Pickering tweeted the band were “really upset” and “livid”, indeed “No-one said to them ‘Tony Blair and new Labour used that song all the time’… or ‘Mike is really vociferous on Twitter and social media about being an anti-Tory’,”

He also explained he’d “checked with legal” but “we can’t stop them” and “If we’d have known, we could have sent a letter of cease and desist.”

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