Manics reference Clash and Abba for new album

By MediaMonkey

April 25, 2021
The Manic Street Preachers have always given good quote, even if the music never recovered from their early loss. They’ve got a new LP coming, and Nicky Wire told MOJO: “The catchphrase was ‘like The Clash playing Abba’ – The Clash when you felt they could play in any style.”
Now don’t get us wrong, we’d have loved to see the Clash playing Abba songs, but we do have to wonder what that means in terms of a Manic’s album. “It’s quite a subtle record…” Nicky continued, “There are, always, guitars, but it’s very restrained for us, and really tasteful… It’s the usual thing, miserable lyrics and great pop… It didn’t feel like the right time for spite. It’s more internalised, bathed in a comforting melancholia, rather than a self-defeating one.”
Overall? “I certainly feel like these are some of the best words I’ve ever written,” Nicky explained.

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