Marilyn Manson is the latest to cryptically hint at something

By MediaMonkey

February 24, 2020
It feels like nothing can happen in the music world without some vague comments preceding it to try and get us hyped, and the latest offender is Marilyn Manson. He’s either dropped some cryptic hints about, well, something, or got a bit drunk and tweety.
Either way, there is definitely a social media post with a sound wave, some Latin, and a few hashtags. The Latin reads “Omnes surdus es et nunc audite me…” which is all about the deaf now listening, and the tags are “Everyone Will Suffer Now,” “Black Sabbath Born Again,” “Antichrist Superstar,” “2020” and “You Have No Idea What Is Coming.”
Usually we’d say this is pretty standard ‘new album’ stuff, but the Black Sabbath part complicates things. Maybe this is Manson involvement rather than a solo album?

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