Martin Scorsese’s new hot take: go see films you don’t like

By MediaMonkey

September 13, 2023

Martin Scorsese is a brilliant film maker with many important views on cinema, but we’ve got to be honest, we’re not on board with his new one.

Talking to Time about modern movie culture, he said, “It should be one cinematic culture, you know? But right now everything is being fragmented and broken up in a way,” and that seemed a perfectly agreeable thing to say.

However, he explained it, that in his younger years, people would go to the cinema regardless of what was showing: “Not everybody liked musicals… Not everybody liked westerns. Not everybody liked gangster films or noirs. But at the time, we just went to the movies, and that’s what was playing.”

And… just no Martin. No one has to go sit through a movie they don’t want to see because there’s nothing else to do in their small town and it’s that or sitting home alone. Nope. We want so much more choice in what people can do so they can hang out and have fun.

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